Polyacetal Technology

Our technology is based upon the development of a family of novel polyacetal-based polymer-drug conjugates and block copolymer micelles that are both temperature responsive, showing reverse phase behavior, and pH-sensitive, degrading in acidic environments. They show lower critical solution temperature (LCST) behavior in aqueous solutions that can be precisely controlled over a wide variety of temperatures spanning physiological temperature, they hydrolyze completely in acidic environments and are biocompatible.

TempRes Technologies, has developed a promising new treatment for pancreatic cancer therapy that combines site-specific drug delivery by direct injection, with sophisticated polymeric carriers that localize the drugs they carry at the site of injection and provide controlled release of potent anti-tumor therapeutics. The novel treatment provides three significant advantages to current systemic therapy:

Site Specific Delivery

Our technology is designed to be ultimately delivered by direct intratumoral injection guided by Endoscopic Ultrasound providing site specific delivery to tumor site

Site Specific Localization

The drug delivery vehicle is water-soluble at room temperature but loses solubility to form non-fugitive gel aggregates upon injection into a tumor site

Prolonged Site Specific Release

The polyacetal technology is stable under neutral pH but degrades under acidic environment thereby providing prolonged site specific release of therapeutic agents